The Art and Science of Healing


At its inception, medicine was an art utilizing science as a tool (“the healing art”). Today we are overwhelmed with science with little or no attention to the art. The talk is of treatment and management often with a goal of symptom reduction or tolerable recovery. The words “to heal” speak not of reduction or abstinence but of a spiritual freedom to fully experience life in the present moment.

Two double-blind studies give differing results-one shows that a certain therapeutic approach is extremely effective and the other shows the statistical equivalent to placebo. What is the difference? It is primarily related to the healing potential manifest by the clinicians. The question then becomes, can this ability be acquired? The answer is this ability is already there-has always been there and always will be there. This course simply helps guide the participant back toward their healing essence.

This self-enhancing experience is designed to assist the helping person intuitively further develop their art and science while enhancing their personal ability to help others heal.

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