Treating Early Life Developmental Trauma

Early Life Trauma  2012 DVD coverA Science Based Perspective

Take a look at the population you treat. No matter whether it is a criminal justice, alcohol and drug or psychiatric population, the recidivists will have a high incidence of early life trauma. Research is teaching us more and more about this population. However, research is only useful when it can be translated into clinically useful technique.

This updated three disc video presentation focuses on the treatment of early life developmental trauma. Emphasis is placed on the understanding of current research from such disciplines as neuroscience, neuropsychology and attachment theory. Viewers will hear what the research tells us about this population and how this evidence can be used to help. Practical treatment techniques translated from the research give participants hands-on skills that can be used to better client understanding and clinical outcomes.

The third disk in the set includes the PowerPoint presentation Dr. Nuckols used in the South Bend, Indiana presentation in May of 2012.

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