2013 Training Dates


12, 13-U S Journal Training, Clearwater Beach, FL



11, 12- Florida School of Addiction Studies, Jacksonville, FL

14, 15- Delaware Council on Gambling Problems, Rehoboth Beach, DE

20- Rivendell Treatment Center, Bowling Green, KY

25, 26- CRC Clinical Advisory Board, Atlanta, GA

28, 29- Oklahoma Children’s Behavioral Health Conference, Norman, OK



2-5-ASADS Conference, Tuscaloosa, AL

16, 17- CHEPS Conference, Baltimore, MD

25, 26-Central Nebraska Council on Alcoholism and Addictions, Inc., Grand Island, NE

29-May 3- Desert Hope Treatment Center, Las Vegas



6-8-Alaska Alcohol and Drug Counselors Conference, Anchorage, AK

16-Department of Defense, Orlando, FL

20, 21- Mental Health Services, San Diego, CA

30, 31- US Journal Training, Seattle, WA



3-7- Desert Hope Treatment Center, Las Vegas

8-Tenessee Medical Foundation Physicians Health, Burns, TN

9-12- Rural Institute on Alcohol and Drug Problems, Menominee, WI

13- MidSouth Summer School, Little Rock, AR

17-21-University of Utah Summer School, Salt Lake City, UT



8-12- Desert Hope Treatment Center, Las Vegas

22-CORE, Amelia Island, GA

23-25-Kentucky School, Louisville, KY

30, 31-Deleware Summer Institute



9-New Beginnings, Waverly, MN

16-McLeod Center, Charlotte, NC



19, 20-South Dakota Alcohol and Drug Counselor’s Assoc., Mitchell, SD

25-27-US Journal Training, Inc., Las Vegas, NV



4-Summit Conference, Atlanta, GA

10,11- USJ Training, Newport Beach, CA

11-14- NAADAC National Conference, Atlanta GA

17-19-South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

22, 23-CRC Advisory Board

28,29-CHEP Conference, Towson, MD

30- VA Hospital, Eastern Shore, MD

31- VA Hospital, Perry Point, MD



21-Ohio Supreme Court, Columbus, OH